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Pioneer rock climbers 'Eldorado, Camp Catta is the new Mecca for climbing in Madagascar.

Access to the Topos

Climbing in Camp Catta

The massif of Tsaranoro is not any more reserved for the world elite in climbing. there are actually about thirty open routes with a difficulty level varying from 3 to 8 b. From beginners who will have the opportunity to take their first steps to high skilled climbers, the Massif of Tsaranoro is for you.

Initiation escalade Madagascar Under Clement's advises, the instructor, from first step to level 6b, you will discover this sport which consists in climbing the rocks located around the camp. If you feel at ease, join him and climb your first meters through initiating routes such as Baba Kelly or Dada Rabe and why not Alien or Pectorine.

Rock climbing a few minutes away from the Camp, in the heart of the Tsaranoro sacred forest, following the guide or setting off in search of adventure , to win new rocks but taking care not to brave the "Fady" (taboo) ones. Escalade Camp Catta Madagascar

Grimpeur Madagascar
Primary routes though without being the Yosemite, there's a lot to do.

High skilled climbers, pioneers, expeditions, come and put your boots down on the famous granite of Tsaranoro. A 800 meters rough textured slab almost without any crack

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