Camp Catta Madagascar


Sport and adventure or relaxation and nature, for your stays in the South of Madagascar.

What you ought to know if you come to Camp Catta


1580 km long and 571 km wide, Madagascar is an island bigger than France.
The highest peak is Tsaratanàna (2876 m) in the north, the second highest summit is the Peak Boby (2658 m) in the massif of 'Andringitra.


Humid tropical forest on the east, Savannah and dry tropical forest on the west, Bush in the South.


About 15 millions inhabitants divided into 18 different tribes.
Expectation of life: 57 years.
Capital: Antananarivo 1,5 million of inhabitants
Language: Malagasy (official) / French spoken almost everywhere.
Status: Socialist Government Independent from France since 1960


The chain 'Andringitra represents a real climatic barrier between the humid climate of the east and the dry climate of the west.
The foehn effect during the dry season is characteristic.
The temperatures goes below zero during this period (-12 °C) at the bivouac under the Peak Boby (2000 m) in July .


Ariary Malagasy Change: at the airport or in Antananarivo :

Rate of exchange on 30/01/2013 : 1Euro = 2850 Ariary

VISA CARDS are usable only in major banks.


A preventive treatment against Malaria is strongly recommended. (Malaron,Savarine,etc...) Provide for treatment of water for the treks .

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