Camp Catta Madagascar


Unforgettable flights, the must of the paragliding in Madagascar.

Paragliding in Camp Catta

Parapente Madagascar -Spectacular landscapes, arranged and reliable scenes, a large valley, flat and clear to peacefully land on.

-Mountain winds cycles clearly settled, allowing one to many gaps daily, nevertheless avoid moon change and July-August periods while trade winds hardly blow Equipment Bearers, enthusiastic and admiring people.

Being still a brand new spot, hardly more than fifty pilots had the opportunity to fly amid Tsaranoro cliffs; They do all agree: these flights are unforgettable

As we try to increase the launching grounds (terracing, stone removing, carrots,..) to secure takeoffs from any danger, allowing even to beginners to swoop down safely. We currently have 3 launching grounds depending on the weather. Don't worry, a local pilot will always be available to advise you on flights and gaps.

Parapentes Madagascar

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